The Fastest Road-legal Ferrari: The 599 GTO

MMMMM! Im not a huge car fan, but my oh my! this is a killer

The 599 GTO’s front tires are now 285/30 on a 9.5” channel with 315/35 on an 11.5” channel at the rear — with all four measuring in at 20”. Roll rigidity is greater at the rear to minimize understeer. These solutions should improved lateral grip and quicker turn in. And then there’s the powerplant — an Enzo-derived 6-liter V12 will let the 599 GTO take to the streets with 670 galloping horses and 457 lb/ft of torque to motivate its “svelte” 3,296 lb body. That means this latest V12 berlinetta delivers a 0-to-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.35 seconds and a max speed of over 208 MPH. But, just as importantly, a Fiorano lap time of just one minute and 24 seconds — making it the fastest road-going model in the history of Ferrari.

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