Play Playstation Games On Your Mobile!

Thats right peeps! ps1 running right off of your phone thanks to the one and only, ZodTTD. This is his first project for the android operating system and boy what an opener

ShaDenSu of DigitalDisbeliever got a sneak peek of Zod’s product earlier this week. According to her, Zod is collaborating with the author of the already well established NESoid/GameBoid emulators on the project, providing a pretty stable codebase for the stuff that ZodTTD brings to the table.

As you might’ve guessed, the PSX emulator requires some pretty beefy hardware. ZodTTD says it’s already running at a faster clip on the Nexus One than it is on the iPhone, and more optimizations are going to be made before release — but if your handset’s not packing a Cortex A8 or Snapdragon processor, don’t expect a reasonable framerate.

It’s not ready for release just yet, and, as far as I know, it’s ETA is.. well, whenever it’s done. It’s okay to drool in the mean time, though — trust me, you’re not the only one.

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