Space age speaker docks

The floating half orbs, the exquisite teardrop, the glowing blue light, and well, everything about these Speakal speakers makes this a number one seller among aliens. Luckily, us humans can buy one too.

Considering their past efforts, Speakal really upped their design chops for the iCrystal. The Speakal iCrystal Docking Station works with all iPhones (yes, even the iPhone 4) and iPods through the dock connector and everything else with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The iCrystal has basic touch functions to go along with a terribly bland, just-from-earth remote. We’d tell you how they sound but frankly we don’t care. When aliens come to Earth, we’ll jam out together with these speakers no matter how bad they are. It’ll set you back $79.99 and you have your choice of black, white, or red.

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