NEW ‘Sim Card’ Works as a Phone on its own

I know i know, ive been slacking. Between doing a ton of shows and finishing off my album, ive been neglecting the blog that people have grown to really like. well no more! we’re back to posting DAILY, so fret not!

First off we have the modu! Its not exactly a sim card, more like the lightest mobile phone on earth thats the size of the average phone battery. the reason why i refer to it as a sim card however is that it has a wide range of interchangeable skins that are, in essence, ‘proper’ phones. they also have a skin thats a widescreen monitor to better view pictures and a few other gizmos at that (see video below)

Sound good? well heres the sting.

While most cases cost around £50 (yes its now in the uk), and the photo monitor costing £80. the actual modu costs a whopping £130.

it IS a cool bit of kit, but im not sure if im going to be an owner any time soon

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