XWave Headgear Let you conrol your iPhone with your MIND

A new iPhone accessory promises to bring mind-control capabilities to cell phones, signaling the future of laziness handhelds. The PLX’s XWave headset sets you back $100 bones, but lets you control several apps with your brain by reading electrical signals via a sensor placed on your forehead. Upon its October launch, the XWave will work with a few first-party apps that teach users to levitate an onscreen ball, change the screen’s color or cycle through a music library. But PLX Devices will also release a software development kit, so that third parties can come up with interesting new uses for its device.

For folks who don’t have use of their hands, this accessory could let them surf the Web or send text messages. Like the Wii or the iPhone before it, motion-controlling technology has been implemented in surprising ways, like teaching babies to move or monitoring heartbeats. Maybe the XWave can push things forward… telepathically.

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