Gibsons Robot Guitar: The Dusk Tiger

i just came in my pants…

You’re forgiven for thinking Dusk Tiger looks like your average Les Paul. It’s certainly similar enough, but as Wired points out:

The top is flat, not contoured, and the mahogany back of the marblewood body covers a chambered interior which reduces weight and tweaks tonality… The regular pickups also differ from the Les Paul standard setup. The neck pickup is a hum-canceling single-coil model (P-90h), and the bridge pickup is a Burst Bucker 3, a slightly over-wound humbucker.
You want more? Okay! How about Robot Tuners that can switch between tunings on the fly and tune your guitar for you 500 times on a single charge.

Throw in an internal pre-amp and parametric EQ, FireWire output, Ableton Live Lite 8 software included, and a master control knob that turns your axe into a LED light show. The only thing left for you to do is strum… and scrape together $4,150 to buy one of these.

check the vid!

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