So there’s this guy, and he’s on the internet. He has a Playstation phone, and he runs it in front of a camera, but he’s got no games for it! You know what that means? It either means he really doesn’t like games or they just don’t really have any ready to even show this guy who seems to be the only person in the world to have this early version of the “Zeus Z1.” What you CAN see is that it’s running a version of Android which very much appears to be version 2.3 Gingerbread (it even says Gingerbread on the app version, wowie), and there IS definitely a Playstation icon.

You can also see that this Sony Ericsson device has a large S in a square in the center of the slide-out control pad and that the classic triangle – circle – x – square combination is on the right side buttons. It’s so pretty. The slider seems to slide ever-so-smoothly. The entire device does seem to be thicker than most similar devices, most of the size coming from the back, the top of which has two more large controller buttons (L and R) and what appears to be a volume toggle, and that big fat camera is sitting on the back as well. Watch both videos and get all pumped up – and note that there is no audio

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