The Usb Powered Vibratior – with 16 Gb of Storage?? lool

ok… Dont really know what to make of this, but something in me told me I had to post it! for the gyal dem! lool

The Duet is a tiny, thumb-sized vibrator. That alone probably wouldn’t be worth writing about, but this vibrator is also USB-powered, and can be bought with up to 16GB storage.

The toy plugs into any free USB port to charge, and when full can give a terrifying four hours of pleasure. It has four different patterns of vibration, five power levels, and runs almost silently. This discretion extends to the design, which doesn’t really look like a sex toy at all.

In fact, the feature list is pretty good even before we get to the vibrating part. The silicone and metal body is completely waterproof. You can drop it into water up to three meters (10 feet) deep, and of course you can use the thing in the bath.

But the oddest part is the flash memory option. I can see the sense of putting a few gigs of storage into something that will be plugged into a USB port anyway, but what on earth would you keep on there? Porn is the obvious answer, but what’s the point if you can’t look at it and use the vibrator at the same time?

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