I’ve been slacking a little on the updates with what’s going on with me recently, but thats only because I had a lot to prepare content wise for you all.

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve put my band ‘random impulse’ and have started a new project using my real name ‘Jovel.’ Now Random Impulse is by no means gone, It’ll be back, but you have to go with the flow of wherever your creative juices take you, hence this new project. Now this new music isn’t going to be 100% completely different, but its definitely different enough for me to need a new alias for it.

the MAIN difference, without sounding cheesy, is that this new music is honest: Its all from things Ive really seen and experienced, without trying to compromise anything to make it more ‘universal.’ Sonically its… well you’ll hear for yourself, and I’ve got a big surprise for you with how Im going to present it in the live shows.


ANYWAY!!! because random impulse is on hiatus & wont be tweeting anything, I have to start a NEW twitter for this project which is @JovelMusic So if you could all follow me on that, I can stay in touch with you and keep you updated as and when things happen, as well as answer any questions you have etc.



The ‘Downloads’ section of this blog has been naked for quite a while now, so Ive decided to compile ALL of the refixes Ive done and my ‘100 tracks in 4 minutes’ freestyle into one quick download. If you don’t know, my refixes are where I pick a song, remake the entire instrumental from scratch using electric guitar, drums, base and synth, then write and perform my own lyrics that are based on the original. Im gonna be throwing this out once this new twitter gets 1000 followers, and although its only been a day, i’ve got half of that already. so get following and keep your ears peeled in the next few days for this mixtape & a LOT more secret content dropping, but more on that later

The Refixes Collection

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