The New Anime About Fighting With Your Butt. Yes, For Real

02efb5862c8f76d2d9239913c3c323d71475742970_fullSo as you may or may not know I’m am NECK DEEP into japanese culture, manga, anime and video games in particular, and I generally pick up 9-10 new anime series per season (watched with subtitles of course.) there are a LOT of weird anime that come out, and an equal number of anime that showcase the more ‘ecchi’ side of things (the random boob shot etc) but this, THIS takes the biscuit.


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Keijo: the battle of the asses!! now I personally am NOT following this anime at all… i mean, what self respecting man would watch an anime focusing on a new sport in which two women battle it out on a floating disc in the water, aiming to knock the opponent off using only her butt or bust??


Because I haven’t been following it, i don’t know that the series is set in an alternate reality where a new, women-only, gambling sport known as “keijo”, quickly becomes a fad in Japan since its introduction in the dawn of the 21st century. Keijo matches are held atop floating platforms, referred to as a “Land”, in large water-filled stadiums where swimsuit-clad players fight to incapacitate their opponents or push them out to the water, but they can only hit each other using their breasts or buttocks.


Nozomi Kaminashi is a gifted gymnast who decides to give up her dream of competing in the Olympics and become a keijo player instead, aiming for the high earnings offered there, in order to get herself and her younger siblings out of poverty. As she enters the world of Keijo, Nozomi soon makes new friends and rivals, while learning that the way to fame and fortune in this new, uncommon sport will have more challenges than she ever imagined.

So no, that definitely is NOT the trailer below, and I don’t know when it airs (every Thursday.)

Ghost In The Shell – Official Trailer

There’s been little 5 second teaser trailers dropping for the last few months about this but finally, FINALLY we get a full length trailer of the new ghost in the shell movie, and yes, it looks SIIICK.

For those that dont know, this is a live action adaptation of an amazing anime film created by  Masamune Shirow. Its one of the all time classic animes in my opinion so if you havent seen it, I strongly suggest you check it out too.


No Game No Life: This New Anime is AWESOME


Its only been two episodes but im loving it all so far, the art, concept, story, the protagonists (they are pretty damn epic) everythin! when I read the bio it sounded lame as fuck, so im really glad that i took a chance and clicked. Seriously though check this one out and let me know what you think!

Bio Below


Siblings Sora and Shiro are a pair of hikikomori NEETs who together form 『  』 (Kūhaku (空白?, lit. “blank space”)), four undefeated online gamers and urban legend”s. They both consider the real world to be a “crappy game”. They are summoned by a boy calling himself “God” to a fantasy world where he has forbidden all violence and warfare between the sixteen intelligent races living there; instead, everything is decided by games. The siblings find themselves the would-be saviors of humanity (Imanity), who rank sixteenth among the races and have been confined to their sole remaining city.