New Song From The Skints (Video)


Brand new song from one of my favorite bands the skints: The Cost Of Living Is Killing Me.

Im not a huge fan of ska music if im honest, but this band really does it for me, every single song is out of this world and they are PRENOMINAL live. you can preorder their brand new EP HERE & hey, a certain rapper may even be featuring on it 😉

The Sunday Refix: Dizzee Rascal ‘Jus A Rascal’

Oh my god what a week i’ve had. I’ll keep the moaning short: It was a DAMN long week, and on top of that, this took a WHILE! making the beat sound the same was easy, but adding a ton of intricate little guitar slides and that really pushed my creativity.

now I KNOW what you’re thinking, this is pretty short, but i can assure you the amount of time put into this easily compensates!

With the vocals it was really cool to revisit spitting fast as i havent done it in a while, nor have I spat this agressive for a while. Makes a nice change!

anyway thats all from me, be sure to suscribe and add me on twitter (im funny i promise)

The Super Duo: In The Studio With Ed Sheeran

As you may or may not know, when it comes to my music, im SUPER picky with who I collaborate with, its so bad infact that i can count on one hand the number of people that ive worked with on my guitar stuff and that includes engineers and producers too.

Enter Ed Sheeran, the 19 year old musical genius that does it ALL, singing, sonwriting,plays guitar, keys (a lil) and puts on one of the BEST one man shows I have ever seen. I reached out to him through the recommendation of Guy Chambers (who we’ve both been working with), sayng how much Id love to work and much to my surprise he was trying to get a hold of me for the same reason!

Although we couldnt be any more different, the simularites we share are crazy, its like where polar opposites of the same magnet lol.

when someone I click with this much comes along doing just one song isnt enough, and we’ve both agreed that a big batch of stuff is the only option. Its either that or the etire world collapses, or something of the same epic epicness.

Oh yeah!! he joined up to S.A.N.G.A (super awesome nerd genius army) too! and by joined i mean i added him and without him knowing :p

Anyway! Expect Awesome music on the way from the new super duo! watch this space!

Arctic Monkeys Live – My Propeller

A fair amount of people draw a lot of comparisons to my stuff and the arctics, much to my annoyance as you always want to be seen as a sole, individual entity, but even I can’t deny how much of a fan i am. If i had to pick a favorite band i couldn’t really say anyone else since i’ve played they’re albums the most in my itunes collection!

Although the official video hast been done yet, this is the new single from they’re amazing album humbug, hope you enjoy as much as I do!

The Plectrums of Destiny!

If you’ve ever seen me about, there’s a 99.9% chance I would have been wearing this around my neck, making it proudly swing from side to side as if it were one of baby’s 1.5 million dollar chains. probably the most obvious reason for plectrums around my neck is for when I’m at my show about to play a song with guitar, i can just snap one off rather than spend a good five minutes on pocket fumbling, but in actuality, there’s a much deeper (and nonsensical) reason. it is because they are no ordinary plectrums!! NO! they are the picks of DESTINY!!

Okay this is about to get stupid, but its honestly how I feel about it lol. Im not sure when it came about, or which friend I was with (sorry if your reading this!) but the very first day I attached the six multicoloured plectrums onto a vip card holder that I nicked from a qotsa gig, my friend exclaimed “AHH! THE PICKS OF DESTINY!” I asked him what the hell he was on about to which he stated “If you keep those exact picks on your neck, you’ll make it in this music world, but loose a single one, and it’ll all end that very year. Just like you probably would have, I said something along the lines of “errr, ok?” But then about a month later, the ONE time didnt wear it when I went to band practice, I broke 5 OUT OF 6 strings in 5 minutes!!! Im a STRONG believer of making your own fate and I’m not very superstitious at all, but anyone that knows anything about guitars know how near impossible it is to break, since that day I kinda latched on to my friends stupid ‘curse’ theory and yeah, there you have it; The Plectrums Of Destiny!

Gorillaz Are BACK!!!

Yup its official, After a whopping five year hiatus, the worlds favorite virtual band is back with their third installment entitled Plastic Beach The first single off the new album ‘Stylo’ features Mos Def and the legendary Bobby Womack, its one of their more electro-type songs, but still amazing all the same, have a listen Here