The Plectrums of Destiny!

If you’ve ever seen me about, there’s a 99.9% chance I would have been wearing this around my neck, making it proudly swing from side to side as if it were one of baby’s 1.5 million dollar chains. probably the most obvious reason for plectrums around my neck is for when I’m at my show about to play a song with guitar, i can just snap one off rather than spend a good five minutes on pocket fumbling, but in actuality, there’s a much deeper (and nonsensical) reason. it is because they are no ordinary plectrums!! NO! they are the picks of DESTINY!!

Okay this is about to get stupid, but its honestly how I feel about it lol. Im not sure when it came about, or which friend I was with (sorry if your reading this!) but the very first day I attached the six multicoloured plectrums onto a vip card holder that I nicked from a qotsa gig, my friend exclaimed “AHH! THE PICKS OF DESTINY!” I asked him what the hell he was on about to which he stated “If you keep those exact picks on your neck, you’ll make it in this music world, but loose a single one, and it’ll all end that very year. Just like you probably would have, I said something along the lines of “errr, ok?” But then about a month later, the ONE time didnt wear it when I went to band practice, I broke 5 OUT OF 6 strings in 5 minutes!!! Im a STRONG believer of making your own fate and I’m not very superstitious at all, but anyone that knows anything about guitars know how near impossible it is to break, since that day I kinda latched on to my friends stupid ‘curse’ theory and yeah, there you have it; The Plectrums Of Destiny!

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