The New Blackberry designed by PORSCHE!

The new Porsche Design’s BlackBerry phone! The Porsche Design Pā€™9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry($TBA) features an 1.2 GHz processor, 8 GB of onboard memory, 8GBs of storage, 720p HD video recording, dual band Wi-Fi, and a built-in compass. The phone is made from forged stainless steel and hand-wrapped leather back cover.

The NEW Blackberry Bold 9900/9930!


BlackBerry’s new QWERTY phone, Bold 9900 and 9930. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 (aka the Bold Touch) will run BlackBerry OS 7, features a 2.8” touch screen, 1.2GHz processors, 8 GB of onboard memory and a five megapixel camera that can shoot 720p video. The 9900 will run 4G via HSPA+ connectivity, while the 9930 is RIM’s world version with dual-band CDMA and quad-band GSM.

Pulsey Style Salad

its been a while since putting any of my masterpieces up, but for all the newcomers: I cook, REALLY well at that! (Can you hear that? Its the Sound Of a man blowing his own trumpet!!)

Here we have a shrimp and green leaf salad, topped with halloumi cheese, diced streaky bacon and caesar Dressing, with some granary bread topped with garlic and herb roule cheese.

bon appi bloody tite!

The Blackberry Playbook

It was really a matter of when, not if, RIM would throw its hat into the tablet arena with a BlackBerry branded device. Now the fun and games iPad has an appropriate foil in the all business BlackBerry PlayBook. The 7-inch device runs an “amplified” (to use RIM’s marketing speak) version of BlackBerry OS with multi-tasking, a WebOS-like app switcher and a brand new WebKit browser with support for Flash 10.1. The usual mix of media and e-reading apps will be present, as will the ability to edit office documents, connect to screens and projectors via HDMI (and pump out 1080p video!), and of course all the BlackBerry e-mail and messaging goodness you’ve come to associate with the brand. Under the hood, the BlackBerry PlayBook packs a dual core 1Ghz processor and a full 1GB of RAM, theoretically doubling the power of that other big name tablet.

RIM is billing the PlayBook as the first “professional-grade” tablet, and while Apple (among plenty of others) might take umbrage, other companies don’t command the same amount of respect from enterprise customers as RIM. The iPad might have cornered a large market, but a device like the surprisingly sexy PlayBook has a good shot of getting tablets into the boardroom. Sadly, there’s no word on price or release date yet. Check out the promo video after the break.

First Look: The Blackberry TABLET

Research In Motion, Canadian maker of BlackBerrys, is rumoured to be working on a rival to the iPad, dubbed the BlackPad by tech watchers.

big thanks to @jenny_oreilly for showing me it

The device is scheduled for launch in November, according to reports, and will be roughly the same size as Apple’s device. RIM has already acquired the rights to the internet domain.

Users will be able to connect their BlackPad to the internet using the wireless connection of their mobile phone, rather than having to pay separately for 3G network access as users of the iPad must.

The introduction of the iPad, which hit UK stores in May, has reinvigorated the market for so-called tablet computers. In its recent results, Apple said it has sold 3.27m worldwide. But Steve Jobs’ Californian design empire is unlikely to have the market all to itself for long.

Several computer manufacturers are planning tablet devices based on Google’s rival Android software, which is already gaining a major foothold in the mobile phone market.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy tablet before the end of next month while LG plans to introduce one under its Optimus brand by Christmas.

Separately, RIM will tomorrow launch its latest attempt to produce a viable alternative to the iPhone. The BlackBerry 9800 has both a touchscreen and a slide-out qwerty keyboard.

RIM hopes it will be a viable alternative to both the new iPhone 4 and the plethora of devices being launched this year that use Android. Its previous forays into the world of touchscreens, with the BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2, met with mixed success.

RIM has seen its share of the smartphone market dip as a result of fierce competition not just from the iPhone 4 but from Android devices such as the HTC Desire and Droid Incredible. In the first quarter of the year ā€“ which did not include the new iPhone ā€“ RIM had a 19.4% share of global shipments, down from 20.9% a year earlier, according to research house IDC. Apple claimed 16.1% of the smartphone market, up from 10.9% a year earlier.

In the UK alone, sales of Android phones have risen by more than 300% from the beginning of the year, with one in 10 contract handsets sold in the UK now running Google’s mobile operating system, according to figures from retail watcher GfK.

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Blackberry OS 6 Unveiled!

It’s been teased since WES back in April — but with the launch of the Torch today, RIM had to come clean with all the details on its thoroughly refreshed BlackBerry 6 operating system, too. Besides the obvious name change from “BlackBerry OS” to simply “BlackBerry,” the software features countless updates, most notably new universal search functionality, social network aggregation, WiFi-powered media sync with your desktop music collection, and an all-new (and desperately needed) WebKit-based browser with support for HTML5. Thankfully, RIM has also committed to bringing BlackBerry 6 as an upgrade to at least a few recent models — the Bold 9700, Bold 9650, and Pearl 3G, to be specific — “subject to carrier certifications in the months ahead.” Follow the break for the video teaser.