Ed Sheeran – Drunk in Love [FULL Cover] (video + free Download)

I know I put something of ed’s only a little while ago, and it kinda makes me cringe how much im blogging on him but hey, I like good music and my boy’s churning out the Bangers!

I wanted the song on my iphone so I turnt it into an audio file, without the interview bit at the begging and thought i might as well share the love so you can download it here

Check the video below:

What Happens To My Timeline Everytime Ed Sheeran Is Mentioned…

any time i hang with Ed I do the same thing i do when i hang with any other of my friends, you take pictures, videos of the moment and throw it up on your blog, tumblr instagram etc. Only thing its that with Ed, I always forget that when I post something up involving him your time line ends up like this lol:
tumblr_n15nzdht9t1s0135zo1_500Dont get me wrong! I love you sheerios, sheeranators etc, and im super happy that you support my boy as much as you do, but DAMN you go cray! Saying that, one day I hope I gather fans as dedicated as you guys , so good work, and keep supporting him haha.

My Brand New Studio “Konoha!”

For anyone that doesn’t know, I’ve had my own little studio for the best part of 8 years now, and at its peak it looked something like this:

Not too shabby, but nothing to write home about.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the all new KONOHA STUDIOS!

Yeah baby! Pulseys finally got a half decent place to work! Ok now for the detail.

For those that may not know, I’m a MASSIVE anime fan (the studio itself is named after a village in one of my fave anime shows.) so it’s only right I had that represented up in here!
these are custom vectors done  my the amazing ishhi.
The girl on the left is Yozora from ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai,’ on the right is Sena from the same series and in the centre is Jubei from ‘Hyakka ryoran Samurai Girls’

Red black and white baby! What else!
Having a mum that’s been a trained painter and decorator for the last 20 years is pretty handy as you can see. I knocked out some walls but had to keep the two support poles as they hold up the entire house!
The floor tiles are granite. Yup that’s right, pulsey went all posh for a minute haha!

Mini super evil bad guy chair
I think anyone sitting in this just looks like they have to be stroking a fluffy cat whilst laughing hysterically about world domination

Zen garden
A guys gotta breathe right? I installed halogen bulbs since they emit the closest radiation to that ofthe sun so my plants shouldn’t die (for a while anyway lol)
got some zamioculas in the back, then a pair of bamboo plants, and right at the front my very own bonsai tree which is being protected by a pair of gensing plants either side!

Coffee maker
How could they’re not be?

Ooooh yes it’s all here and its all brand fricking new!
Here’s the list of goodies.

Bass – Shamfully cheap fender jazz replica… I’m working on it, allow me

Acoustic Guitar – Im not a fan of the acoustics really, but my lil bro ed sheer an got me this as a birthday present so its got its place in here lol
Electric Guitar – My trusty american standard strat! Its nothing fancy but it sure does the job!

My Babies!
Im obsessed with orange amps (as you can probably see,) the sound is sooo warm! on the left i’ve got the TH-30, and on the right is the HUGE Rockerverb 50

Ive also got another smokey amp to boot!

The krk rokit 6

M-audio axiom pro

Apogee duet 2

Apple 27 inch thunder bolt display

Which connects to…

Apple 15inch MacBook pro
This badboys is MAXED OUT, with 2.5Ghz intel core i7 a processor, 8Gb of ram, a 750Gb hard drive and even High res glossy the display! I keep it docked in an Arc so it hardly gets open unless I’m out and about and need to go portable

Teenage engineering’s op-1 – the SUPER awesome and SUPER rare op-1, as seen in the video ‘one’ by sweedish house mafia

Mic & Mic Shield
Neumann Mic and SE reflection filter mayyn

Lyric Book – I picked this amazing book up from camden, looks like something outta lord of the rings right? haha

Things missing:
As much as I could totally die happily with Goethe studio looks now, the place is still need of a bit of tweekage.

Acoustic tiles on the wall are a must, but they. Need to go in specific places to catch the sound bouncing all over the room. Lucky for me my booking agent Jon Ollier used to do sound  engineering and hes coming down today to tell me what’s what. I also need rugs on the floor, tiles are super reflective with sound!

The chair.

See this chair?

I hate it. Lucky for me though this is only a temporary chair as my real chair takes a painful 40 days to be manufactured and delivered.
“so pulse, what does this super awesome chair that you’ve ordered look like?” I hear you ask.

It looks like this:

This badboy it the Herman miller embody chair and it is KICKASS!

Wanna know what makes it so awesome? Click here to check it out.

Well apart from a plaque or three and my very own pulse logo on the wall that’ll be it!

So what do ya think? Lemmie know on twitter! @randomimpulse is me. Hit me up 🙂

Me Featured on Ed Sheeran’s New Collaborations Ep!

For the odd one or two who dont know, Ed Sheeran is an amazing singer songwriter that… actually if you read my blog, you must know who he is by now, he’s my annoying little brother that always leave random shit at my house and never washes his plate up and…

Ive gone off topic again… Ok. To Ed released his final independent ep which is a mixture of the ed we know and love, and a bunch of collaborators such as wretch 32, devlin, ghetts and myself!

THIS JUST IN!! this ep is currently NUMBER 4 IN THE iTunes CHART! an INCREDIBLE achievement for an indipendant project that has had NO backing on any media platform! Its “power to the people” in its truest form! I SAY WE GET IT TO NUMBER ONE! ive bought 4 copies so PLEASE SUPPORT and buy a copy TODAY by clicking HERE

THE SUNDAY REFIX! Ed Sheeran ‘You Need Me’

week 15! and the first in the SECOND SEASON of refixes! (complete yayness!)

This week is a personal FAVE!

One of my best pals ed sheeran has been on tour with example for the past month and what better way to welcome him home then with his very own refix?
Now I realize that he isn’t as widely known as the majority of artists that I refix but that isn’t what these are about: they’re about refixing amazing music and putting my own take on it, and if you check out the original of this, you’ll instantly see how incredible a song it is!

you might be wondering what makes the first of season two, well thats because you can DOWNLOAD ALL THE REFIXES BEFORE THIS FOR FREE on the blog, in the ‘free downloads’ section by midnight TONIGHT!

OH OH! i also have my FIRST OFFICIAL SINGLE dropping soon called ‘OVERLOAD’ so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the video!!

anyway thats all from me! and a big thank you to every one reading these! (especially KayteeMusicUK) nice to know im not rambling to myself! haha

anyway till next week! 😀