THE SUNDAY REFIX! Ed Sheeran ‘You Need Me’

week 15! and the first in the SECOND SEASON of refixes! (complete yayness!)

This week is a personal FAVE!

One of my best pals ed sheeran has been on tour with example for the past month and what better way to welcome him home then with his very own refix?
Now I realize that he isn’t as widely known as the majority of artists that I refix but that isn’t what these are about: they’re about refixing amazing music and putting my own take on it, and if you check out the original of this, you’ll instantly see how incredible a song it is!

you might be wondering what makes the first of season two, well thats because you can DOWNLOAD ALL THE REFIXES BEFORE THIS FOR FREE on the blog, in the ‘free downloads’ section by midnight TONIGHT!

OH OH! i also have my FIRST OFFICIAL SINGLE dropping soon called ‘OVERLOAD’ so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the video!!

anyway thats all from me! and a big thank you to every one reading these! (especially KayteeMusicUK) nice to know im not rambling to myself! haha

anyway till next week! 😀

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