My Debut Music Video – “Man Down”

I threw this out into the world last night and the response has been amazing! Im very proud of this, for both the song and music video. The Track is taken from my forthcoming EP entitled ‘The G.S.D EP” and will be out  May 1st

MY Brand New Video & Song Coming Out Tomorrow @ 6pm!

VERY EXCITED for you to hear and see my brand new track ‘Man Down’ tomorrow as I guess you could call it my debut single haha. The Song is taken from my Brand new EP ‘G.S.D’ Which is out NOW on iTunes and all the other regular online stores. you can check it out, HERE and if you like it go ahead & support with a purchase.

See you tomorrow people!


the gsd ep final

“Bring Me Down” By The Skints FT Jovel (Me) Now Up On MTV IGGY!


The Skints are “east London reggae” through and through. For the last ten years, Marcia Richards, Joshua Waters Rudge, Jamie Kyriakides, and Jonathan Doyle have toured Europe extensively with their eclectic fusion of Jamaican music styles, pop hooks, hip-hop, and heavy bass. They dropped a couple of albums and EPs along the way, too, yet you still might not have a clue.

On March 31, the British band are hoping to top-up their notoriety with the release of their new three-track EP, Short Change. The project’s standout, “Break Me Down,” which we’re premiering here at MTV IGGY, nods heavily towards reggae’s golden era of the late ’60s/early ’70s. However, things are kept fresh with the help of a special guest verse from guitar-loving grime bar specialist, Jovel (Random Impulse). One for the upcoming summer days, stream “Break Me Down” in full down below.” – Words by Joseph JP Patterson

Listen To It HERE

My New Ep Out Next Month

Waddup man! Like it says in the title, my E.P ‘G.S.D’  Out next month and will be up on all the usual itunes/amazon etc virtual stores. I’m gonna have physicals up for sale too, but only at gigs and stuff so make sure you buy the online version when it comes out. I’ve got a LOT of exciting content and shit finished up but I’m just figuring out the best way and times to put it out so that you don’t have too much content one minute and then fuck all the next, so as soon as i’ve figured it out i’ll throw up a release date. Thats a lot of the reason why I decided to quickly put out this EP to be honest, You’ve been without music for a hot minute and ive gotta keep you fed, no more 4-5 month empty gaps!


pic 1