My New Ep Out Next Month

Waddup man! Like it says in the title, my E.P ‘G.S.D’  Out next month and will be up on all the usual itunes/amazon etc virtual stores. I’m gonna have physicals up for sale too, but only at gigs and stuff so make sure you buy the online version when it comes out. I’ve got a LOT of exciting content and shit finished up but I’m just figuring out the best way and times to put it out so that you don’t have too much content one minute and then fuck all the next, so as soon as i’ve figured it out i’ll throw up a release date. Thats a lot of the reason why I decided to quickly put out this EP to be honest, You’ve been without music for a hot minute and ive gotta keep you fed, no more 4-5 month empty gaps!


pic 1

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