The Insane New App That Allows You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes – FOR REAL!

The reading game is about to change forever. Boston-based software developer Spritz has been in “stealth mode” for three years, tinkering with their program and leasing it out to different ebooks, apps, and other platforms.

Now, Spritz is about to go public with Samsung’s new line of wearable technology.

Other apps have offered up similar types of rapid serial visual presentation to enhance reading speed and convenience on mobile devices in the past.

However, what Spritz does differently (and brilliantly) is manipulate the format of the words to more appropriately line them up with the eye’s natural motion of reading.

The “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP) is slightly left of the center of each word, and is the precise point at which our brain deciphers each jumble of letters.

The unique aspect of Spritz is that it identifies the ORP of each word, makes that letter red and presents all of the ORPs at the same space on the screen.

In this way, our eyes don’t move at all as we see the words, and we can therefore process information instantaneously rather than spend time decoding each word.

The game done changed. Try it for yourself.


250 Words Per Minute



350 Words Per Minute


oo2oOpm500 words per minute





Brand New Song “Poppin’ Molly” Prod By Semothy Jones Up Now!

My brand new song ‘Poppin’ molly is up on soundcloud NOW. This is the third song from my forthcoming EP ‘G.S.D’

Produced by superproducer Semothy Jones (plan b, professor green, lily allen etc) & its his 1ST song out since hes come off his long hiatus.  check it out and let me know what you think with a comment or something.

Remember I release a FULL song each and every Monday @ 7pm on my Soundcloud, so be sure to follow me on there.


My Brand New Track ‘G.S.D’ Is Now Up!

The title track from my new E.P ‘G.S.D’ is now available via my soundcloud and you can hear it by clicking below. This is probably the first ‘chill out’ track I’ve ever made, and as my mates say, its totally got ‘smokers anthem’ vibe to it, which is a bit weird seeing as I dont even smoke weed! Anyway have a listen, and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, you can comment or even just clicking the like button to let me know you enjoyed it is just fine. Feedback from you, the listeners is all that matters 🙂

be sure to also check out my SOUNDCLOUD , to hear my other new releases. They’re coming out thick and fast, quality AND quantity 😉

Me & Lorde!

ok so Lorde and some guy went in the studio, and the guy remade the track royals by himself in a couple of hours, played the guitar in the melody of her vocals, sung the harmonies and then rapped over it. That ‘guy’ was me, and lorde wasnt really there or knew anything about it, but apart from that small detail it definitely happened: Take a look for yourself >

Me Rapping Over 100 Songs In 4 minutes + New Ep “G.S.D”

This is My first ‘Release’ under the name ‘Jovel’ and trust me, it wont be the last! i’m going to be releasing a FULL length track from my forthcoming EP ‘G.S.D’ EVERY week on my soundcloud, so make sure you follow me on there to get em instantly.

JUST as i’m writing this charlie sloth just played this on BBC Radio 1 which is bloody AMAZING! but i’ll be sure to post that alog with the track listing tomorrow.

but for now, here’s me rapping over 100% songs in 4 minutes. Written, Mixed and Directed my myself, & shot by my boys RoarsTV and The Battery Chicken

The Sunday Refix: The White Stripes Cover In ONE TAKE!

Week…erm..25 I think?

ANYWAY! this week i thought “FUCK IT! Im gonna do a refix in 1 take!” and the result is this cover I did a while back by my HERO jack white from the white stripes.

As I said, the ENTIRE thing was done in a single take, as a way of respecting jacks views about keeping music restricted and raw.

now grime and hip hop fans might not understand this AT ALL, but songs like these are a massive part of who I am, and seeing as these are My refixes not yours, you’re just gonna have to deal with it aint ya! :p

well thats all from me! I hope you all had a verrrrry merry christmas and I’ll see you wonderful people next week!