The Sunday Refix: Random Impulse X Example ‘See The Sea’

WEEK 10..

Again i had to pull an all nighter for this this one, a solid 27 hours to be exact. Ive been preparing my ep which is going to go hand in hand with the refix download as well as well as getting a SUPER AWESOME top secret refix organized so it was the only way! but anyway, on with the refix…

this week its my my fave track on boy Example’s MASSIVE track ‘see the sea!’ first time Ive made something even remotely reggae ‘ish’ in my life (I wont lie, I had to do some guitar chord research online!) but aside from that, there was nothing too out of the impulse ordinary instrumentally.

Where it gets cool however is my play of the title!

my freestyle basically explains the mentality of MANY artists that have a bit of a buzz. A lot of new artists that have only begun to gain recognition always seem to act as if they’re the big guy that runs the show, but I explain that they are only the big shark when in the small fish bowl that is the underground scene. My interpretation of “seeing the sea” is that although im in a fish bowl, I am aware how far I still have to go: there’s a whole sea to conquer, i “see the sea” and am not satisfied by being a mere bigger fish in a small pool.

…im rambling arn’t i? lol apologies, i must sleep.

anyway i hope you enjoy!

Till next week…

The Sunday Refix: Dizzee Rascal ‘Jus A Rascal’

Oh my god what a week i’ve had. I’ll keep the moaning short: It was a DAMN long week, and on top of that, this took a WHILE! making the beat sound the same was easy, but adding a ton of intricate little guitar slides and that really pushed my creativity.

now I KNOW what you’re thinking, this is pretty short, but i can assure you the amount of time put into this easily compensates!

With the vocals it was really cool to revisit spitting fast as i havent done it in a while, nor have I spat this agressive for a while. Makes a nice change!

anyway thats all from me, be sure to suscribe and add me on twitter (im funny i promise)

Random Impulse X Tinchy Stryder – Gangsta? REFIX

loved this song so much i wanted to do a freestyle on it, but couldn’t find the instrumental anywhere, so i decided to make it myself with my weapon of choice, the american standard strat electric guitar!

This is the first in a line of free songs ill be putting out where i recreate the music as well as laying down my own lyrics on a bunch of songs, so look out for it!

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The Super Duo: In The Studio With Ed Sheeran

As you may or may not know, when it comes to my music, im SUPER picky with who I collaborate with, its so bad infact that i can count on one hand the number of people that ive worked with on my guitar stuff and that includes engineers and producers too.

Enter Ed Sheeran, the 19 year old musical genius that does it ALL, singing, sonwriting,plays guitar, keys (a lil) and puts on one of the BEST one man shows I have ever seen. I reached out to him through the recommendation of Guy Chambers (who we’ve both been working with), sayng how much Id love to work and much to my surprise he was trying to get a hold of me for the same reason!

Although we couldnt be any more different, the simularites we share are crazy, its like where polar opposites of the same magnet lol.

when someone I click with this much comes along doing just one song isnt enough, and we’ve both agreed that a big batch of stuff is the only option. Its either that or the etire world collapses, or something of the same epic epicness.

Oh yeah!! he joined up to S.A.N.G.A (super awesome nerd genius army) too! and by joined i mean i added him and without him knowing :p

Anyway! Expect Awesome music on the way from the new super duo! watch this space!

Mixing Down The New Faith SFX Feature Album: Man or Machine

When I first decided to build my own studio, I pre-planned out every single last detail except for probably the most vital one: “who’s gonna engineer?” that left me with no option but to self teach myself, and 3 years on I can proudly say i’ve mixed projects like Scorcher- Simply The Best Vol.1, Frisco – Back To Da Lab 2, Chipmunk – Whatever The Weather Vol 1&2, as well as ALL my own stuff including Full Metal ALchemist.

Now ever since my solo work took a sudden turn for the best, I’ve Srayed from mixing other peoples projects as its SO time consuming, but when my mate Faith Sfx told me the sound he wanted was that of my mixtape full metal, i thought “why not? mixing other peoples stuff wasnt THAT bad right?”

Faiths New Project is a VERY challenging one at that: every single instrumental of every single track track was made by ONLY his mouth, which is quite frankly, insane. As if that wasn’t sick enough, it features the very cream of the underground scene from the likes of chipmunk, ghetts, p-money, dot rotten and lowkey down to new draft pics like maxsta, double s, there’s even a feature from yours truly heh heh 😀

As amazing as this feature album is, I’m VERY VERY happy that this sunday is my last day working on it as its stopped me doing all the amazing-ness planned for your guys like my free downloads and starting my show (more on that later).

It also means ill stop looking like this:

and go back to looking like this:

Im not quiiiite sure when the release date for “Man Or Machine” is but I’ll be sure to keep you updated here. look out for it! :p