Recipe Ghetto Pizza – EVERYONE Has Their own Version Of This, If You Don’t You’ve Got Problems!

Recipe Ghetto Pizza – EVERYONE Has Their own Version Of This, If You Don’t You’ve Got Problems!

You’re at home, broke as fuck,  its stupid late but want pizza: the solution is you going into the fridge and creating whatever abomination you can muster with the ingredients you find and just like that, The Ghetto Pizza is born, or Gourmet Cheese On Toast if you wanna feel good about yourself.


Luckily I had quite a lot of pizza-ish ingredients  in the house: salami, cheese, italian herbs, mushroom and tomato puree. Oh and two slices of toast obiously




Now Seeing as I’m fancy as fuck, I had some french roulé cheese in the house too (doesnt everyone?) and I spread that with tomato puree for a more creamy sauce



Italian herbs for the win



chop and throw on as many ingredients as you can and throw it under the grill




and bam! the ghetto pizza is complete!



Money shot! kaplow!

IMG_0577Anyway here was my recipe:

The NEW Wearable Oyster Cards!

Oyster Cards Get Cute

The Oyster card, London’s electronic travel card system, is something synonymous with natives and visitors alike. Unchanged for 8 years, designer Benjamin Parton thought it was time for a total redesign- something fun and memorable with improved functionality. The Oi is a wearable oyster card that can be worn as a ring or “watchstrap widget.” As easy to identify as it is handy, Oi aims to help ease the confusion caused by passengers fumbling for the old-school cards.

Oi uses the same radio-frequency coil infrastructure as the existing Oyster cards and the final product can be bent and twisted without damaging the internal components and is also unaffected by interference from other radio frequency devices.

London Underground set to have Free wi-fi by 2012!

Pip pip and cheerio! The London Tubemaster General, Mayor Boris Johnson ESQ 1st Class Deceased is proposing that the tube lines in London have Wi-Fi coverage. While does not want cellular coverage – then they’d have to have quiet cars – but he does wish people to enjoy email, saying “I think people do want the facility of looking at their Blackberry, or whatever it happens to be.”

This will complement the free above-ground Wi-Fi that will appear in the city for the 2012 Olympics.