In Amazons New Store You Just Scan Your Phone Once Then Walk Out With Whatever You Want (video)


Ok this shit is just plain mental, and I mean that In the Best Possible way. You scan your phone which identifies you, then just walk around, throwing in whatever you want into your bag. Walk right out the door without interacting with anyone or anything and you get billed as if you ordered something online. In the video they very loosely explain how it all works and I still dont get it, all i get is that this is a definite game changer if it goes well. check it out


LG’s ‘Nano tech’ .88cm thick tv

It looks like nanotech-based screen technology is nearer than we thought—LG’s claiming its upcoming LEX8 adds “NANO Lighting Technology” to its new top-end LED backlit TV model, the LG LEX8.

LG’s press release doesn’t go into any hardcore technical detail about how this makes its standard LED backlighting any better, simply claiming the new set produces “brighter, clearer and smoother” pictures. The end result is a TV only .88cm thick, which is 0.34 of a standard imperial inch. [LG]