Meeting The Creator of Heroes Tim Kring!

So Yesterday was a pretty fun day! almost as soon as i jumped off the plane i was dragged over to the guitar aficionado magazine and jaguar motors party.

I Was Totally SHATTERED, but thanks to a few cocktails named “the blast” and a few crazy-fresh-tuna-ice-cream-cone-type-things i was a ok!

Then i began doing my usual roaming and began talking with this one guy about music, children and bad guitar playing. He seemed pretty cool and after talking about my upcoming show in the viper rooms he seemed pretty egar to see me play live. I told him I could put him on the list and for his name. He gave a big sigh then said: “man, I only got 50 of these printed ever, take this.”

I watch heroes religiously…star struck much? fuck yes lol

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