Making A Track For Lupe Fiasco’s New Album “Lasers”

Although I make all of the music for my own stuff, I very rarely make beats or produce tracks for other people, But while I was in Hollywood, my good friend Brian West from “Track & Field” (whos done work for Nelly Furtardo and K’naan to name a few) hit me up to produce some stuff for lupe’s fiascos new album with him and being a fairly smart man, i’m not saying no!

so then we started!

We were asked to deliver the music, along with the chorus, which after a Jack Daniel and lemonade mixer, I wrote and recorded down. I dont wanna give too much away, but due to the hook, there was no other option other then to call it “lasers.” Yeah, the TITLE track, pretty epic right?

Ive now been asked to write a verse too, so who knows, i might end up ON the shit with lupe! I’ll tell you guys know whats happening as soon as I do!

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