The Wii 2

Now this is definitely news – it seems that word is going around concerning the next version of the Nintendo Wii, known as the Wii 2 at the moment, will be hitting the market next year while sporting HD output as well as a Blu-ray drive. That would certainly bring it up on par in certain aspects with the Sony PS3, but wouldn’t that mean it is one generation behind in the home console race as Sony might just come up with something better in their next PlayStation? Of course, this is but a rumor as at press time, and while pumping out High Definition (HD) content on the Wii 2 is plausible with relevant improvements made to the hardware, we’re not too convinced on the Blu-ray idea. After all, Blu-ray discs are pretty pricey compared to regular DVDs, and one of the Wii’s strong selling points would be its cost effective price points which we hope will be retained in its next iteration. What do you think?

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