The New Nintendo Switch Is Like 4 Consoles In One

Nintendo just released a video of its new Switch console, the console previously known as the NX. The system can be played with wireless controllers and act as a traditional home console when plugged into its base, but when removed from its base it transforms into a portable gaming console with two removable game controllers attached to each side. Tired of holding the thing? Flip out the screen’s stand, remove the controllers from the sides, and you can play it play it without having to hold it (I assume it weighs a fair amount). The video also shows the thing running Skyrim, so that’s something.


I aint gonna lie, this is a pretty sick concept, but unless a good few mates catch on, you’ll just be the guy with ‘the new nintendo thing’ when your peoples come round and thats about it… I think ill wait and see before I splurge

Super Mario Turns 25!

am betting that there are a lot of gamers out there who came up in the 80′s who remember fondly their first experience with Super Mario on the original Nintendo game system. Mario has come a long way over the years with multiple games and there was a cartoon show for Mario that my kids like to watch on Hulu. It’s hard to believe that Mario has been around for 25 years.

The Wii 2

Now this is definitely news – it seems that word is going around concerning the next version of the Nintendo Wii, known as the Wii 2 at the moment, will be hitting the market next year while sporting HD output as well as a Blu-ray drive. That would certainly bring it up on par in certain aspects with the Sony PS3, but wouldn’t that mean it is one generation behind in the home console race as Sony might just come up with something better in their next PlayStation? Of course, this is but a rumor as at press time, and while pumping out High Definition (HD) content on the Wii 2 is plausible with relevant improvements made to the hardware, we’re not too convinced on the Blu-ray idea. After all, Blu-ray discs are pretty pricey compared to regular DVDs, and one of the Wii’s strong selling points would be its cost effective price points which we hope will be retained in its next iteration. What do you think?

Nintendo Game Boy Condoms By PLAY

Can’t get the latest games out of your head even during a hot make out session? Then these Gameboy Condoms will surely help you score with the lady yet help you show off the gamer in you.

The Long End of Zelda, Dong, Bone Zone 2, Super Mario Land of Love, Sextris, and Donkey Shlong are not just the games people loved playing. Well not anymore! They have become an inspiration for making condoms and yes they are used for sex. Any hardcore gamer will vouch for the fact that these game names are far better than opting for a brand while promoting the product and sure enough, the aim was achieved with these condoms and how!

The Black Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has officially confirmed that new bundle is incoming today.

The new Wii will ship in black color and will include Wii Sports, Sports Resort, and the Wii MotionPlus accessory as we mentioned the other day. Nintendo also says that additional black remotes and Nunchuks will be available as well.

The Nintendo 3DS

How Cool is This. The Nintendo 3DS will feature 3D graphics, and a new 3D display that doesn’t need any 3D glasses, and the new system with be compatible with software from the Nintendo DS and DSi. Nintendo will be providing more details on their new 3D handheld gaming console at the E3 Expo in LA in June. It will be interesting to see what the 3D is actually like without 3D glasses, it certainly sounds very interesting.