The Sunday Refix : Jungle By Professor Green Ft Maverick Sabre

week 8! Doing this was a little weird as I know maverick sabre and pro pretty well, as well as recently meeting blue bear from true tiger recently (the producer of the track) but hey! at least I know I wont get sued for this one! haha.

This was my very first try attempting a dubstep-type bassline too, and I can tell you now, its not as easy as it looks!

Funny story is I actually had this verse for a couple years. It was supposed to be on my friends track called london zoo that didnt end up coming out and given this tracks theme, it was a perfect match!

I also sliiiightly altered the verses format to give it more of an epic build which i think turned out pretty darn good!

anyway thats enough from me, I’ve got coffee to be sippin! Till next week 🙂

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