The Sunday Refix: Flying High

Week 19!
Another gloooorious sunday with minimum sleep and this week ive decided to refix a track under much criticism, Chipmunks ‘Flying High.’

Now I know Chipmunks attitude doesnt wash well with many people, and his previous singles took a much more solid pop route then other people might have liked, but the bottom line is this track is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as people are making it out to be. It might not be your cup of tea, but its kinda disturbing to see so many people act as if the music is bad just because they dont like his character.

music is music…

anyway this song was easy peasy, like 2 hours to complete easy! I decided to be more relaxed on the track too. “but pulsey! what made you spit relaxed?’ i hear you cry? NO REASON! i just did haha! welcome to the world of someone whos randomly impulsive haha!

on that note im going to my bed to try and sleep for an hour 😀

till next week…

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