The Sunday Refix: True Tiger- Slang Like This


First off a BIG apology for the lateness! I was at studio ALL day getting my new single mixed down and to my horror there was NO internet to upload the vid! Upon leaving i FRANTICLY rushed home to try and upload before 12, only to have youtube reject my video AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN so if you’re reading this, we finally won!!

This song is an ABSOLUTE BANGER by one of dubsteps finest – True Tiger, featuring the super talented p money, so refixing this was a no brainer! Really enjoyed making this one, so much in fact, i couldn’t actually tell you which bits were easy and hard to remake! It all just kinda flowed out!

again sorry to everyone that checks each and every sunday, but fear not! im not done yet! not by a long shot….

Till Next week! 😀

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