Rejoice! your favourite anime loving, gadget blogging, refix and no sleep for winner making guitar playing rapper is BACK, and my GOD what an awfully long wait it was.

Ive moved house, been on one hell of a tour and had to finnish off my ep which left me with a stupidly small amount of time to spare, I didn’t even have time to watch anime!! I KNOW, SOUNDS LIKE HELL RIGHT??

but alas dear friends im back with gifts!!


From today they’ll be the blog posts you know and love EVERY SINGLE DAY


the old vlogging engine been veeeery slow of late but fear not! we got some, er, petrol? Either way,  no sleep for winners is back on every  EVERY WEEK on (my youtube page).


Thats right! Im also doing VOL 3 OF THE REFIXES!!!

new refixes every week for all you lovely boys and girls (starting next week) on top of that, once vol.3 is complete I’ll be releasing BOTH volumes 3 & 4 for download! Volume 4 will be the instrumentals of every single refix up to date, a lil something for all you musicians to look forward to!


I wouldnt be surprised if i was the only one excited about this but its MY blog and it would be sinful not to finally get on point with adding updates of the epic epicness that is the world of anime and manga! so THERE!


Im doing alot of shows. ive got a section that says where and when they are. im updating it tonight.

and with that, I re-welcome you to!! 😀

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