The Secret Of Krispy Kremes And How To Make Them Taste 1000 Times Better

tumblr_n0uax6Cbg91qg78wpo1_500If You’ve had a krispy Kreme doughnut from your supermarket, or one of their stalls at the bigger train stations, then you might have the same view that I had about them which was: “meh, they’re pretty nice I guess…” but they wasn’t something I’d exactly jump for joy about. While I was at a mates house we somehow got on  the topic  of the glazed doughnuts and how the taste was a little overhyped, and this is when it all changed. My mate grabbed a plain glazed doughnut and threw it in the microwave for 15 seconds…. MY GOD it was incredible. It tasted like the fresh warm doughnuts you get at the funfair or circus and EVERYONE knows those are the best doughnuts on the planet.

Now I totally get why the queues were so long at the krispy kreme stores when they first opened, Its because you got them badboys WARM.

Now Days Im looking like Shinobu Oshino lol.

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