Apples Selling a Book For $300 lol

designed-by-apple-in-california-1-400x536So its come to this. The makers of the mac book have now made an…er..mac book, but literally this time.

On Tuesday, Apple released something unique: not a phone or a laptop or wireless earbuds, but a coffee table book. Designed by Apple in California features exquisite photographs of iconic Apple products, beginning with the iMac in 1998 and culminating with the Apple Pencil. In true Apple fashion the book comes in two sizes: a 10.20 x 12.75-inch copy for $199 and a 13 x 16.25-inch copy for $299.


Yup, you heard right $300, flipping, dollars for a book of photos. Now this is a bit unfair as I’m all for artistic photography books being sold for prices like this, but seeing as its coming from a massive tech corporation, I cant help but see this as no more than a glorified catalogue.


Having said all that though, theres no denying the quality of this book:

“Like all Apple products, the attention to detail is meticulous: the tightly bound pages are edged in silver; the paper is Apple-specific Heaven 42 Scheufelen from Germany — as is the Bamberger Kaliko linen with bespoke dye. The printing is simply astonishing: custom low ghost Epple inks and 8 CMYK color separations (4 is the norm) with 280 line screen printing give the photographs deep, rich blacks and colors so bright as to make a grown design lover weep. As for the photographs themselves, they are of course impeccable. All were shot by Andrew Zuckerman in a typical “Appley” minimalist style, bathing Apple’s older hardware in the modern “press shot” aesthetic.”

(-written by the verge the verge)

what do you guys think?



The iTable

This giant 58-inch multi-touch iPhone table is designed to be a 58-inch working iPhone. The 58-inch multi-touch surface accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin Dock Connector, and with a bit of magic, the table becomes your iPhone. To make the desk work, you need to connect a regular jailbroken iPhone, and then the giant multi-touch surface acts like a huge remote display.
The desk in the pictures is just a mockup, but the people from Table Connect say they will reveal the actual working version on Tuesday. The Table Connect will be an actual product you can buy. No word on the price tag.

The NEW iPod Touch

iPod touch…boy is it small. As you would expect, the functionality of the device is identical to the iPhone 4, as well as the functions of the front and back cameras. In essence, it’s a much thinner iPhone 4, with no cell radio, of course. The design is relatively in keeping with previous touches, so no major surprises there, but the inclusion of that A4 chip, higher resolution screen, and front and back cameras makes it a far more versatile device. I makes the iphone 4 look kinda…fat lol

The NEW iPod Nano

Apple has just revealed its 6th generation iPod nano, which has been outfitted with just about the boldest redesign the portable media player has experienced yet. Gone is the clickwheel, to be replaced with a touchscreen interface and a shuffle-esque square form factor. It’s now 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter. Hard volume buttons on the side and a clip on the back provide the minimal hardware accouterments to that multitouch touchscreen, while the inside provides enough juice for 24 hours of audio playback. Seven total color variants will be up for grabs, including a Product RED option, with prices set at $149 for 8GB of storage or $179 for 16GB and pre-orders being taken today.

Apple Plans to Make a Touch Screen Imac

How do you make an iMac desktop that doubles as a multitouch tablet? If you’re Apple: just like this. Why can’t the future be now already?

The patent above, unearthed by Patently Apple, shows off Apple’s plans to bring together its desktop and tablet lines. Which explains how Mac OS X and iOS might actually live in harmony someday.

Here’s how it would work: sensors would indicate whether the display was oriented vertically for desktop mode, then would automagically go into tablet mode when brought horizontal Or a touch sensor could be implemented to determine how the display is being grasped. The patent covers both desktop and notebook devices.

As with all patents, who knows whether this is technology that will actually come to light or if Apple just filed it defensively to protect their IP. What we can so for sure is that there’s a very definite want for this—from me, at least!—and unless Mac OS X eventually disappears, it’s the best way to bring Apple’s two operating systems together in harmony.

Apple Set To Release a 7′ inch iPad!

Ah, the 7-inch iPad rumor. It’s been circling around for quite some time. This time, though, the Chinese news outlet Economic Daily News is reporting that the smaller iPad might hit retailer’s shelves before Christmas and, well, the source could be correct. They have a great track record and accurately reported the iPad‘s launch well before the Stevenote. However, the smaller iPad would need to launch rather soon for it to see successful holiday sales. Perhaps during the iPod touch Facetime event that’s rumored to be right around the corner.

Any later than October and stores will be in full holiday mode and it would be difficult for Best Buy, Walmart, and other retailers to give this new iPad much attention — although it probably won’t need any marketing help from stores. Proper inventory management would be near impossible and the launch would probably be not as smooth as the original iPad saw. If the 7-inch iPad is coming, Apple is also probably in talks with retailers already, coordinating holiday circulars and buying guides meaning leaks are totally possible.

A smaller iPad would likely sell like Devin’s pancakes, though. Nearly every consumer is well aware of the $500 iPad right now, making a smaller and cheaper model nearly an impulse buy if it’s priced in the $300 to $350 range. It could be this year’s hot gift. Of course the Nintendo 3DS might have something to say about that.


Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Yosion has introduced a device called the Apple Peel 520. You just slide your iPod Touch into the new Apple Peel adapter, your iPod Touch will turn into a working cellphone. This adapter looks like a iPod touch case, which has a SIM card slot and a dock connector is found on the bottom, powered by an Infineon baseband chip, it not only offers voice calling and text messaging, and also doubles up as an 800mAh battery and provides 4.5 hours of call time or 120 hours of standby juice

Apples Brand New 30inch Cinematic Display

Now that Apple’s unleashing a 27-inch Cinema Display in September, what’s to become of its 24-inch and 30-inch bookend brethren? Straight from the mouths of Apple execs and disseminated by way of Macworld’s Jason Snell — a man who would most definitely be in the know — the dynamic duo is being discontinued. End of the line is when supplies run out, so better place your orders now if you aren’t hip to monitors with diagonal lengths divisible by 9.

The Apple Magic Trackpad

So it’s real, and… it’s a trackpad. What seemed like it might have been pure rumor and some good Photoshopping just a short while ago has magically (ha ha!) transformed into reality. If you’re wondering what the Magic Trackpad is like to use — get ready for a shock. It feels just like using a slightly larger version of a MacBook or MacBook Pro pad. And we mean exactly, right down to the multitouch gestures and whole-pad click. Yes, it clicks. There’s also a new gesture, if you’re keeping track — a three-finger move that lets you drag windows around (very helpful), though you give up the functionality of being to navigate stuff like iPhoto galleries with a swipe. Not a huge loss, really. We’re going to be doing some serious testing with the new peripheral, but for now, feast your eyes on the pics below.