THE Sunday Refix! – Jessie J ‘Do It Like A Dude!’

WEEK 21! The second girl to ever get a refix, JESSIE J!

im really hype about this one as jessies from the uk (which inspired the refix subject) and shes one of the most amazing singer/songwriters of our time!

this whole song was one of he most fun to do and i was sooooo tempted to do the entire song! who knows, maybe i will at another stage!!

well, i hope you guys enjoy this and more importantly, BUY THE SINGLE!! we need songs like this representing our country!

The Sunday Refix! – Wretch32’s ‘TRAKTOR’


yaaargh its pretty darn bad too, i had a show in madrid on wednesday, came back thursday to realize id lost my voice, had to perform in the g-shock shop on friday (ironically with wretch 32), then did a video shoot for my new single overload on saturday! can you say epic fail?

but hey VERY busy week, but it got done in the end! The mix on this is a liiiiiil bit scrappy but with 12 hours sleep between 4 days what do you want from me!?!

whats that? you want a well mixed refix you say?? very clever lol

anyways people thats it from me till next week! im off to bed! at 6pm! o_O!

The Sunday Refix: Flying High

Week 19!
Another gloooorious sunday with minimum sleep and this week ive decided to refix a track under much criticism, Chipmunks ‘Flying High.’

Now I know Chipmunks attitude doesnt wash well with many people, and his previous singles took a much more solid pop route then other people might have liked, but the bottom line is this track is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as people are making it out to be. It might not be your cup of tea, but its kinda disturbing to see so many people act as if the music is bad just because they dont like his character.

music is music…

anyway this song was easy peasy, like 2 hours to complete easy! I decided to be more relaxed on the track too. “but pulsey! what made you spit relaxed?’ i hear you cry? NO REASON! i just did haha! welcome to the world of someone whos randomly impulsive haha!

on that note im going to my bed to try and sleep for an hour 😀

till next week…

The Sunday Refix: Lil’ Wayne – Drop The World


At the time of writing this its 3:14 in the afternoon and ‘fake tales of san Francisco” by the arctic monkeys just came on my itunes. Those of you that follow me on twitter or facebook will already know the horror that ive had to deal with tonight.

to make a long story short, this week i had to mix my single and had a ton of meetings, leaving me with having only 8 hours sleep shared between the last 5 days. Pretty bad right? OH BUT IT DOESNT STOP THERE!!!

So its about 1am and im just adding the finishing touches to the refix and what happens?? MY COMPUTER SWITCHES OFF!!! before the rage set in, i simply switched the mac on again and started over, i mean you all know how late i work sometimes, so it wasnt the end of the world…

so im nearly finished with the refix for the SECOND time and what happens? LOGIC CRASHES AGAIN!! Its now around 5am and bare in mind the 8 hours in 5 days sleeping pattern. What do I do? for me there’s only one option…


Im SO thankful for everybody that comes on here, subscribes and comments on my refixes every single week and to me, you’re all worth that dedication.

I’ve just realized the irony of what took place tonight… its halloween haha, what a nightmare, pun intended.

well thats all from me! see you guys next week! and thank you again 🙂 PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

The Sunday Refix: Plan B – Prayin

week 13: I REALLY wanted to get a Plan B song down as the Musical Influence is right up my street! I was really surprised how quickly i got the instrumental though, but I guess as its organic music, im more tuned into it.

the pith in the chorus is NOT in my range at all, but i think its acceptable (or at least i hope!)
Lyrically… well lets just say im not in a good place right now and the lirics really reflect that…
a free download of the refixes from weeks 1-14 will be up for download NEXT WEEK in the free download section so look out for that!!
till next week 😀

THis Weeks Refix: Devlin Ft Yasmin – Runaway

Week 12! This week is Runaway by the ever so talented Devlin and Yasmin who not only sings, but happens to be my favorite Dj ever!

musically this was pretty straight forward, so instead I decided to focus closer on the lyrical aspects of the song. The original version describes a young man and his girlfriend escaping their surroundings in search of a place that delivers them true freedom, but there are always 2 sides of a story, so I decided to speak from the perspective of the young mans mother dealing with the fact that her child has runaway as it were 😀

the best part of this (and also the trickiest) was transcribing the melody of the hook into guitar. I gotta say, it has a VERY interesting structure that constantly moves, top marks to Yasmin for creativity and execution!

well, thats all from me this week, only 2 more weeks to go till volume 1 of the refixes are up for download too so keep your eyes peeled!

The Sunday Refix: Random Impulse X Labrinth: Let The Sunshine

week 11… its 1pm, again no sleep, and my laptop got wiped. good times! haha.
ok this week its the man himself mr labrinth!

I Added a HELL of a lot of things that wern’t in the original, from hi hats and cymbals to guitars all over the place, oh and I think its the first time i put down a guitar solo at the end of a refix too. Ive taught myself quite a few instruments this past year, but one that I havent quite got the hang of yet is the keyboard, and that made the main riff of this refix take a while to say the least.

I hope he gets to hear this as id LOVE to hear what he thinks if my remake haha!

anyway till next week guys and gals…

The Sunday Refix: Random Impulse X Example ‘See The Sea’

WEEK 10..

Again i had to pull an all nighter for this this one, a solid 27 hours to be exact. Ive been preparing my ep which is going to go hand in hand with the refix download as well as well as getting a SUPER AWESOME top secret refix organized so it was the only way! but anyway, on with the refix…

this week its my my fave track on boy Example’s MASSIVE track ‘see the sea!’ first time Ive made something even remotely reggae ‘ish’ in my life (I wont lie, I had to do some guitar chord research online!) but aside from that, there was nothing too out of the impulse ordinary instrumentally.

Where it gets cool however is my play of the title!

my freestyle basically explains the mentality of MANY artists that have a bit of a buzz. A lot of new artists that have only begun to gain recognition always seem to act as if they’re the big guy that runs the show, but I explain that they are only the big shark when in the small fish bowl that is the underground scene. My interpretation of “seeing the sea” is that although im in a fish bowl, I am aware how far I still have to go: there’s a whole sea to conquer, i “see the sea” and am not satisfied by being a mere bigger fish in a small pool.

…im rambling arn’t i? lol apologies, i must sleep.

anyway i hope you enjoy!

Till next week…

TSR: Random Impulse X Chase&Status X SHM ‘Let you go’ + ‘One (your Name)’ REFIX

Week 9: ok ive been up for 26 HOURS doing This Refix, But it sure was worth it! I wasnt sure which of these two songs to refix which gave me the idea of doing them both, then mixing em in like a dj!

AS WELL AS THAT I also went back to my story telling ‘full metal alchemist’ style which tied the two together pretty well i think!

SORRY for the amount of singing!! Im no singer, but i tried lol.

anyway im way too tired to carry on typing so i’ll leave it at that. ENJOY! 🙂

Till Next Week peeps…

The Sunday Refix : Jungle By Professor Green Ft Maverick Sabre

week 8! Doing this was a little weird as I know maverick sabre and pro pretty well, as well as recently meeting blue bear from true tiger recently (the producer of the track) but hey! at least I know I wont get sued for this one! haha.

This was my very first try attempting a dubstep-type bassline too, and I can tell you now, its not as easy as it looks!

Funny story is I actually had this verse for a couple years. It was supposed to be on my friends track called london zoo that didnt end up coming out and given this tracks theme, it was a perfect match!

I also sliiiightly altered the verses format to give it more of an epic build which i think turned out pretty darn good!

anyway thats enough from me, I’ve got coffee to be sippin! Till next week 🙂