The iPhone 4 case That Solves the Antennae Problem

Bumpers for your iPhone are one of the suggested methods of making sure the latest handset from Apple works perfectly fine no matter how you hold it, so why not go ahead and do it in style? We’re talking about the Vapor4 bumper which is made out of aluminum and looks stunning. It depends much more on the iPhone 4 than the other way round though, since Apple’s latest phone looks great on its own. Being made of aluminum, they come with an interior liner that separates the metal from the antenna, resulting in insulating it from your hand. Such beauty will cost you though as the Vapor4 retails for $80 a pop, and topping that amount with another $100 will net you the V4Carbon, a carbon fiber back plate which offers better reception as well as protection for the iPhone 4’s glass back.


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